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Toyota Hilux 2019 debut with changes in the visual

The Toyota Hilux 2019 will debut with new looks. The SRX, SRV and SR versions of the imported medium pickup truck in Argentina have been redesigned in the front look and the entire line has received new standard equipment. Hilux 2019 prices start at R $ 111,990.

The restyling included the adoption of new front grille and front bumper. The SRX top-of-the-line version also won new design alloy wheels (the same as the SW4 SRX Diamond), while the SRV configuration adopted 18-inch alloy wheels and chrome exterior door handles. The entry versions (Standart Power Pack and Standart Narrow) have retained the look used up to line 2018.

Inside, the list of SRX top-of-the-line changes includes darkened interior trim, white-illuminated instrument cluster. The SRV will incorporate in the line 2019 the alloy steppe, curtain side and side airbags, presence switch, ramp start assistant, automatic glass rising module, daytime running lights and electrochromic rear view mirror. At SR, the new features are the digital automatic air-conditioning and daytime running lights.

In the Standart Power Pack configuration, the equipment list was enhanced with daytime running lights, automatic door locking, power windows and mirrors and Bluetooth radio CD player, while Standart Narrow won daytime running lights and benches lined with materials synthetic.

The Hilux mechanical assembly follows unchanged: diesel engines (2.8 from 177 hp) and flex (2.7 from 163/159 hp) and six-speed automatic and six-speed manual (diesel) and five (flex) gears.

Check below the list of versions and prices of the Hilux 2019:

Modelo Versão Preço público sugerido
Toyota Hilux 2019
SRX 50th Anniversary AT R$ 196.990
SRV AT R$ 179.990
SR AT R$ 160.490
STD Power Pack MT R$ 140.490
STD Narrow MT R$ 138.010
Cabine Simples MT R$ 125.560
Chassi e Cabine R$ 121.530
Toyota Hilux
2019 Flexfuel
SRV 4×4 AT R$ 140.990
SRV 4X2 AT R$ 129.990
SR 4X2 AT R$ 117.990
SR 4X2 MT R$ 111.990


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